Sunday, March 29, 2015

Our Little Angels

Time flies. 
I could start writing and telling everyone how lucky I was and still am for the blessing bestowed upon me by the Almighty with three little angels. Despite of my eldest being in his tweenager phase, they are and will always be our little angels

Okay, perhaps the words ‘angel’ is too pure and innocent for three growing kids. They are growing up, with their own antiques and characters, but then again, I wished to jot down my own first-hand experience raising and growing up with them, wishing it could somehow give an assurance and serves as guideline for parents who wanted to make sure “okay, I didn't do it wrongly! My kids are completely 'real' and normal."

The day we become a parent will always be the day we won’t forget and will surely be vividly inscribed in our memory box. One thing for sure, that day never comes with a manual of ‘how to be a parent’. We were surely freaked-out, panicked and won’t know what to expect and how the future will be. And trust me, be it your first born, second, third and so forth, the anxiety attacked and the adrenalin rushed would always come and greet us. One thing for sure, we know that on the day we become a parent, the first time, second, third and so forth, is the day we know ‘this is love, pure love’.

I've been a mother for a decade this coming December. Yet, I've always been a ‘working’ mother and wham bam two years ago; we were shocked with the news of me being diagnosed with nasopharynx cancer stage III. We've got it treated, and I am currently on remission. I thought it's gonna be easy during these period. Less that I know how wrong I could be. My blood content is consistently low and I get tired and sick quite often than I've expected. My husband has been suggesting (and insisting) the idea of me staying home full-time decades ago, and I guess, this time, I should be the obedient wife and listen to him :)

It has been nearly four months since me being a ‘full-time’ staying at home mom, looking after my kids. And here’s what I want to share – hoping it could be a beneficial to mothers and mothers-to-be, to expect the unexpected and how could we deal with it, the right acceptable way. I may not be right and my kids are not perfect, but hopefully the sharing could be favorable.

I believe, the most precious jewels you’ll ever have are your kids, embellished them for the best potential they possessed.

And trust me, you’ll never could have guessed ‘they can do that?’…

When they first came into this world, any child’s soul is pure and uncontaminated.  But of course, they grow up.  I’m not going to write about the psychology of a child as I have no formal education about it. I’m not going to list to-do and not-to-do list as I’m no expert myself. I’m not going to peel each details on what’s right and what’s not as I’m a mother and until today, I still don’t know if I’m doing it the approved parenting 101 standards. I genuinely wanted to share my honest views on what’s best nurturing the pure soul, so that they learn to live the life they choose to live in.

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